About Us

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The original Widman tradition of handmade quality candy spans four generations, originating in 1885 in Dubuque, IA with William Widman I. Four generations have allowed the Widman family to develop a special quality of product and unique use of ingredients, including our famous chocolate-covered potato chips or “chippers”.

Our History

1885 - William Widman
Baker and Candy Maker in Dubuque, Iowa

1911 - George I and Clara Widman
Widman's Candy in Crookston, MN

1949 - George II and Betty Widman
Widman's Candy® in Grand Forks, ND

1990 - Carol Widman Kennedy and David Kennedy
Carol Widman's Candy Co.® 13th Ave. S. Fargo, ND

Current Store Locations

Fargo, ND
Owner and operated by Carol Widman Kennedy and David Kennedy

Grand Forks, ND
Owned and operated by Daniel Widman -  Founded by the late George II and Betty Widman

Crookston, MN
Owned and operated by George III and Lois Widman - Previously owned Margaret Widman